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    Evening Bag Straps

    The straps on your evening bag can make or break your evening. Straps come in handy when you're going to be moving around and need to keep your bag close. On the other hand, straps get in the way when you will need to rest your purse on the table near your seat. Luckily, you can find the perfect compromise by looking for a bag with detachable straps.

    Evening Bag Sizes

    Finding the right size purse can take a bit of work, and yo may need to weed through a lot of bags that are too large or too small before you find the one that is just right. If you decide ahead of time which essentials will need to fit in the bag for the evening, you'll have a better chance of picking out one that will meet your needs for the night.

    A Perfect Match

    The question about evening bags is usually whether or not they are supposed to match your dress and shoes. In today's fashion world, there is no one correct answer. Matching might be the right choice for you, but on the other hand, you can put together a great ensemble by using complementary colours instead. Just make sure that the colours don't clash, and follow your creative instincts.